About us

Todinkem Consulting Limited was incorporated on the 9th June 2011 by the Uwadiunors’ to strengthen management support services, training, man-power development and consulting services in the educational and management sectors of the society. Leveraging on their certificates and working experiences which span over fifteen years of practice, Todinkem Consulting Limited was formed to formalize the services they are already familiar with.

Missions Statement:

The mission of Todinkem Consulting is

“… to raise the standards and quality of educational and management consulting through skills, technology, abilities and competencies; as well as to function as transitional educators and trainers to those in teaching, schools and business world with limited experiences…”


It is the central tenet of the organization … to re-model, re-tool and unravel the hidden potentials in man through training, man-power development, consulting and managerial support services in the educational and business world.

The Objectives of Todinkem Consulting:

The primary objectives of Todinkem Consulting are;

  1. to provide entrepreneurship education and skills which support small and medium scale enterprises in the society;
  2. to develop and implement training services that meet the required standards set by regulatory bodies in education and management consulting;
  3. to build and support institutions and agencies which are necessary for  progress and social partnership in the society;
  4. to encourage productivity and quality employment in the educational, management, formal and informal sectors of the society;
  5. to improve social and economic conditions in rural, semi and urban centres in Nigeria;to support education and management consultants who still operate within the confines and limit of unionism.

Our Corporate Strategy and Success Factors:

The corporate strategy of Todinkem Consulting Limited covers;

  1. effective pricing
  2. promotion
  3. marketing
  4. positioning; and
  5. checklist of competitors profile; and
  6. forecasting

As a model of consulting services in the Niger-Delta region, the primary policies of this organization are determined by market structure, services demand, location and quality input. Todinkem Consulting Limited uses value addition, limited credit, premium, direct sales, brochures and mailing strategy to outwit competition. Besides, our pre-sales strategy such as phone calls, routine visits to service outlets, relationship marketing and quotations are critical factors in our strategy.

Summary of our Consulting Experiences

 (2001)  Uwadiunor Isaac was engaged to work for International Foundations for Education and Self-Help (IFESH) as a part time trainer; thereafter he taught Personality Development and Theoretical Foundations of Entrepreneurship;

2004 – 2006, He worked for several non-governmental organizations such as Development initiatives, UNIFEM in the training of 100 women in Ikwerre Local Government Area in managing small business;

(2006 – 2007)    He developed several training manuals and concept papers on entrepreneurship for Pro-Natural open forum, Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria (PPFN) centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CEDIS), Niger-Insurance and others.

2009 he joined forces with Altim Integrated Company were a proposal was developed for Niger-Delta Ministry Abuja. A total of 100 ex-militants were trained in entrepreneurship and effective customer services

March 2010 A total of sixteen training modules were developed for educational services ranging from classroom management to academic inspection, supervision skills, mandatory English Language Studies. School assessment, test construction, enrolment strategies and others’

Feb. 2011 He trained 100 youths – school leavers, graduates, under-graduates of River State origin on entrepreneurship development skills for the ministry of youth. In that programme he taught opportunity recognition business development plan, feasibility plan and unbelieveable customer service.

In conclusion, the following can be said about Todinkem Consulting experience;

  • it rests squarely on the personality and the experiences of the founder- Uwadiunor Isaac,
  • this organization is  a native of the Niger-Delta ;
  • Todinkem Consulting has evolved partnership through collaboration and association with non-governmental organizations, schools, private business enterprises and government agencies/ministries;
  • Todinkem has robust training manuals, curricular and monitoring and evaluation processes;
  • it has managed facilities and personnel in the academic field, service sectors, and volatile militants;
  • acquired office facilities, build networks of associations and work-ethics through the goodwill of Uwadiunor Isaac
  • developed reputations, work procedure and organogram and
  • engages staffs who have good background in enterprise development.

Key Success Factors

The success factors in Todinkem Consulting Limited are;

  1. our knowledge of the training minute
  2. quality and credibility
  3. strong formal methodology; and
  4. operational efficiency

In addition, our ownership structure investment, partnership and facilities have all aided the growth and profitability of this organization.

Recognitions and Awards

The Directors of Todinkem Consulting have been recognized individually for their personal contributions to the growth of managerial support services and educational consulting previously.

2011:   Uwadiunor Nkem Isaac was rated as the best resources person in feasibility study and  enterprise development/opportunity recognition.

2003:  Uwadiunor Nkem, was given a letter of Recognition by International Foundation for Education and Self-Help for insight into personality Development and enterprise Education.

2008:  End of year Season and Price Giving Day,

Uwadinuor Nkem was given the most distinctive and innovative award by the management of Aladumo International Group of School.