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The hotel is an activity place. It does not go on holiday, neither does the staff close shops for Christmas nor enjoy public/government work free day. To enhance it’s operations, hotel business requires the right people in the right place at the right time in order to deliver tangible services and result to shareholders. This is only possible with proper understanding of hotel operational management.


The goal is “to improve service efficiency and profitability of hotel business through the management of the various activities in all process of production…”


The objectives are:

  • to ensure that standards are met in the production process of hotel business ;
  • to ship best quality products and services to the final consumers;
  • to review the costs of activities and items used in the operations of hotel business;
  • to monitor the processes used in the productions of goods from start to finish;
  • to ascertain the best methods of producing high quality goods and services in hotel business;
  • to identify basic information channels useful to the catering industry operations; and
  • to promote dialogue between supervisors and their subordinates in the chain of quality control.

Who Should Attend

This highly recommended programme is designed for;

  • directors;
  • executives;
  • senior managers;
  • supervisors and all those who want to take more initiative, generate drive, innovation and success in hotel operations.

Training Curriculum

The curriculum covers:

  • Operational Management in Hotel Business: An Overview
  • Understanding Operational Hierarchy and Levels in Hotel Business;
  • Career Ladder in Hotel Business;
    • Front Desk Office;
    • Sales,
    • Catering or Banquet Manager;
  • Public Expectations in Hotel Operational Management;
  • The Functions of Hotel Managers;
    • Review of Daily Reports;
    • Meeting with Heads of Departments
    • Recruitment;
    • Service Co-ordination;
    • Guest Complaints/Related Others;
  • Key Issues in Hotel Operations.


This programme is designed to last for three (3) days.


The methodology includes activity review, team-teaching, workshop, possible video section, lecture, discussion and case studies/analysis.

Management Team

  1. Temitope Uwadiunor: She is a seasoned management consultant and the Head of Operations Todinkem Consulting. She has over ten years experience as Operations Manager;
  2. Onwusake Augustine: B.Sc Catering and Hotel Management with over ten years experience in Hotel Operations in Lagos’ suites and restaurants.
  3. Victor Okukunyen: B.Sc Acct: Victor was the Operation Manager of Havillah Motors before he joined R.T. Briscoe as a Consultant.

Indicators of Achievements

The major indicators of achievement are:

  • the birth of a dynamic operational services department;
  • standardized operations;
  • quality product brands and services;
  • efficiency and effectiveness of staff;
  • sustainable operational modalities; and
  • cost optimization blueprint.

Training Venues

  1. Standard Hotel Training Halls;
  2. Rented Hall and Buildings; and
  • Office Board Meeting Arena;