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Leadership Structure and Organization in Hotels

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Leadership is an act as well as a process. It entails the setting of goals as well as their achievement. Hotel is an organizational structure with a comprehensive plan which allows hotel owners to define the activities and responsibilities of employees. It could also mean the best ways of channeling employees’ efforts towards productive end.

A good knowledge of organizational structure in hotels is very vital. It brings orders to every aspect of hotel operations – from front desk to human resources and accounting; it helps to measure the profitability of all departments; even as it guarantees efficiency.


The goal is to promote service efficiency, productivity and inter-personal relations via delegation of authority from the General Manager to( managers, supervisors and) departmental heads on day-to-day basis in hotel administration.


The objectives are:

  • to describe the chain of authority and organization of activities in hotel business;
  • to address internal and external matters affecting the attainment of set goals and objectives in the hotel business;
  • to initiate strategic weekly meetings between departmental heads and their subordinates; and
  • to create the right environment for staff and customers to relate in a friendly manner.

Who Should Attend

This highly recommended programme is designed for:

  • directors;
  • managers;
  • senior managers;
  • supervisors who wish to enhance their skills and capability in hotel management;

Training Curriculum

  • Hotel Management and Structure (An Overview)
  • the Organizational Structure of Hotels – Myths, Fictions and Facts;
  • Components of Hotel Structure: Case Studies & Analysis
  • Components of Hotels Structure and Management;
  • Span of Control;
  • Departmental Responsibilities;
  • The functions of The Front Desk Office;
  • Organizational Flow Charts; and
  • Job Descriptions and Responsibilities Procedure in Hotels
  • Leadership Styles and Followership Strategy


This programme is meant for three (3) days


This training programme will adopt team-teaching, discussion, case studies and analysis and workshop methods and special feature include treatise on leadership styles.

Management Team

  1. Chika Emeh Jalat: He is a seasoned management consultant and a senior partner with Todinkem Consulting. He is a rarity in seminars.
  2. Uwadiunor Nkem Isaac: He is the Executive Director of Todinkem Consulting.
  3. Other Management staff of Todinkem Consulting.

Indicators of Achievement

The major indictors of achievement are:

  • manager’s willingness to set goals and objectives for their departments;
  • availability of strategic plan for each department;
  • workable leadership development plan;
  • effective delegation of power by managers;
  • availability of business policies and procedure documents;
  • effective communication;
  • resources allocation; and
  • effective reward systems.

Training Venues

  • Standard Hotel Halls: à Directors, Senior partners and general managers,
  • Rented Hall and Building: Managers, supervisors and related others
  • Office Board Meeting Arena
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