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A BLUEPRINT ON HOTEL CHAIN ADMINISTRATION: Insight into Hotel Chain Administration and Structure of Hotel Chain

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Managing a group of hotels having the same brand and overall identity could be tasking. This is true because it involves different properties within the same chain, which may differ in appearance or amenities. Hotel managers must find cost-effective ways of managing these properties if their profit motives must be attained.


“…to promote the managerial skills and ability needed to review every aspect of business operations in the hospitality industry…”


The objectives include:

  • to forge co-operation and synergy among hotels located in close proximity managed by consultants;
  • to limit the broad autonomy managers enjoy in the name of independence and initiative; and
  • to promote uniform decision-making, best practices, branding and the goodwill standard hotels enjoy.

Who Should Attend

This new and highly recommended course is designed for:

  • hotel owners;
  • managers;
  • senior managers;
  • directors; and
  • others who wish to enhance their skills and capability to face global challenges and participate in the process of change.

Training Curruclum

  • Hotel Chain Administration: An Overview;
  • Features of a Hotel Chain;
  • The Functions and Corporate Structure of Hotel Chain;
  • Critical Factors and Hotel Chain Management;
    • Research/Surveys;
    • Location Factors and Considerations;
    • Construction Requirements;
    • Employees Factors; and
    • Franchise Issues.


This training is designed for two days.


This training will adopt tutorial, pre-planned activities, PowerPoint presentation, flip charts, drills and discussion methods.

Management Team

  1. Uwadiunor Nkem Isaac: The Executive Director of Todinkem Consulting.
  2. Albert Momoh: B.A. Hons, He is the Chief Executive Officer of Altim Integrated Services. He has 13 years cumulative experience as a Chief Executive Officer.
  3. Okechukwu Amadi: B.A. Hons. Economics: He has worked for Franklin Suites as Business Development Manager for six years.
  4. Chika Emeh Jalat: He has over 26 years experience as a lecturer. Consultants and Programme Co-ordinator for several international NGOs.

Indicators of Achievement

The indicators of achievements are:

  • Integration of hotels into chain;
  • standard best practices in hotels involved in chain structure;
  • standardization of key hotel facilities;
  • branded international menu and dishes;
  • procedural approaches to decisions; and
  • corporate franchises.

Training Venues

  1. Hotel Training Room;
  2. Rental Halls and Building;
  3. Office Board Meeting Arena;